I Help TSP Listeners Put Jack's Marketing Principles Into Practice so That They Can Start Running Their Own Business...

without the expense and frustration of "trial and error" marketing.

If you've been inspired every time you hear Jack talk about running your own business on the TSP, but you don't know where to start, then I’d like to show you the missing link that stands between what you have learned on TSP and starting your own business.

How would things change for you and for your family if you could put Jack's marketing and business principles into play with someone to guide you along the way and help you to connect the dots? When we have our own business, we take back power. We become more self-sufficient and self-reliant as citizens, neighbors, and individuals. In a revolution, power is revoked from one party and transferred to another, often times bypassing those who struggled for the revolution... but in an insurrection, the power is retained by those who endeavored to take it. Running your own business, no matter how small, is your individual insurrection.

Starting a small business is your individual insurrection

Here is an example Video Framework that helps even the most camera shy business owners resonate with their audience...

Even if you aren't planning on doing video, you can start to get a sense of how this course will bridge the gaps between "ideas" and "implementation"

In this video, you will learn how to very quickly determine what type of videos you should make to engage your customers, without memorizing scripts or spending a ton of money on gear that takes forever to learn to use.

If you feel like this type of framework could help you implement faster or with more ease, then enroll now to get access to the rest of the course

Download and follow allong with the accompanying pdf workbook...  All course materials is presented with video, audio and PDF content

video creation framework

Enroll Now and Get Instant Access to Step-By-Step Implementation Plans

You are about 60-seconds away from accessing one of my capstone training courses, and because you are an avid TSP listener, I'm giving you access at no charge. Simply enter your details below and get instant access to over three hours (and growing) of course materials designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. I know many of you listen on the road, so I've provided you with Video, Audio, and PDF versions of all the content. Once this course is built out completely, the price will be going up, and the discount code will be going away.

Of course, if you are not convinced, then take a look at a rough overview of the course materials:

Foundation-Level Business and Marketing Frameworks for the self-reliant business owner
The materials in this course will provide you with ideas, insights, and implementation techniques that you need to get started, see what is working and what isn't, iterate, and improve. Then rinse and repeat. The goal is to keep you moving forward.

You are not building an airport, or managing a hospital, so I'm not going to be throwing MBA-focused management strategy at you here that takes months to learn and years to implement and measure.
During this course, I'm sure you will have insights that will lead to questions. As my thanks to you, upon completion of the course, you'll get an opportunity to book a 30-minute consultation directly on my calendar. Its my way to make sure that any questions you have get answered and to help you along the way to making you and your family more self-sufficient and self-reliant.
Module 1 TSP-centric Insights on Business Leverage Points and Pitfalls
These are areas of leverage... and remember, leverage can be used in either direction. Basically, the videos and resources in this section will bring new insights to areas that you may be struggling with, and they'll also prevent you from making costly mistakes...
Unit 1 How to Determine The Best Ways to Monetize your Product or Service (12 min)
Unit 2 How to All But Guarantee the Success of Your Business Before it Even Opens (13 min)
Unit 3 Quickly Determine if Following your Passion Will Make You Hate What You Love (8 min)
Unit 4 How to determine which customers are the most likely to buy (13 min)
Unit 5 Why Should Customers Buy From You? (21 min)
Module 2 How to Develop Clients That Want To Buy From You Without Feeling Like an Old School Salesman
Client-Focused Selling takes high-pressure selling techniques that you may be familiar with if you've ever attended a time share presentation, or purchased a used car and shows you how to use variants of those same tools and techniques to build honest, lasting relationships with your prospects and clients. If you want to build a practice or a buisiness that is "of service" while making sure you get compensated for the value you bring, this course is for you.
Unit 1 How to Sell Without Selling - Marathon Course (1hr 40min)
Unit 2 One-Question Final Exam
Unit 3 End of Course Survey and Feedback
Unit 4 Course Completion Bonus & Your Next Steps

"I thought being a guest on TSP would be enough..."

Way back in 2012, I was lucky enough to be featured as a guest on TSP episode 916.

In the run-up to the show, I was so focused on producing a good product, that I payed very little attention to marketing and positioning. I was told by many people that what I had to offer was "great" and so I spent all my time and effort refining and honing my offerings... because more "great" would mean more sales... right?

The amount of traffic that I got from being a guest on TSP was astounding... In real time, I watched the visitors flood onto my site, and like the tide I watched them disappear. It was like I had set up a fireworks display and forgot to tell people where it would be held. My failure to recognize the importance of marketing and positioning in business cost me dearly.

And I've spent every day since then developing the skills and knowledge to understand how to fix it. Now I'd like to share that experience with you, the TSP community.

Ideas represent your potential for success, implementation is what turns ideas into reality. 

What if you could find someone to help you validate your idea AND implement business and marketing systems?

If you've been listening to TSP for more than a few episodes, you've probably got a good understanding of preparing for disasters based on impact and commonality, learned the basics of food storage and rotation, and have spent more than a few hours online researching the finer points of what knife you'll buy for your Bug out Bag and EDC.

I'm also willing to bet that you probably have more than a few drawers and bins full of prepper projects that you've bought the supplies for and just haven't seen thru to completion. How much easier would it be to complete that emergency mobile battery bank project (for example) if you had someone at your side to help you implement and get it done each step of the way? I can't help you with your battery project, but I can make sure that you are equipped with the business & marketing resources and personalized guidance to see to it that your business ideas are evaluated and implemented.

Frameworks, checklists and guidance lets you focus on what you are good at and helps you define success.

A good coach won't run the miles for you, but they will tell you what miles are most important to run. We'll combine frameworks, checklists, personal commentary, and even 1 on 1 guidance to help you define and realize your goals. Specific framework for:

What are you going to sell?
To Whom, and Where?
How to Make More Without Raising the Price
There are three main ways to increase revenue without raising the price or getting more customers
Do you sell a Need or a Want?
What are the pros and cons of each?  Which one do yo uthink you should focus on and why?
Web Technology Before Lunch
All you really need to know about selling online in about 3 hours... or 15 minutes if you are in a rush
What content should You Make?
And one instance where you shouldn't even make any?
How to Package your Knowledge
There are 6 main ways to package and sell knowledge that you have expertise in. Let's decide which is best for your needs and goals.
Should You Research Your Market?
Do you like your money? When and how to test before you invest.
Would You Like Fries With That?

How much are fries worth to McDonalds?
And how much can this technique bring to your new business?

Make great videos
Get professional results with gear you probably already have


Eliminate (most) ums and uhs

Appear natural and relaxed on camera

Who are your customers?
Hint: even WalMart and McDonalds have ideal customers
How important are referrals?
And should you bother getting them...
What drives your customers to buy?
What do they aspire to? What do they hate? How can you use this info to your advantage

This is a small sample of the frameworks and examples. We will cover everything from generating business ideas to systemizing operations depending on your specific needs.

Collaborative Compounding
Sometimes, your competitors aren't who you think they are... and if you pick them wisely, your competitor's can be your biggest source of customers.
Why should I buy from you?
What makes your offering distinct? (hint: quality and a focus on customer satisfaction don't count)
How do you close the deal?
What happens when it come time for money to change hands? What if the customer asks for a lower price?
How to serve while selling
We are all in sales. Like it or not, each of us makes several sales each day... every time we convince someone else to take an action they would not have otherwise taken, we have sold them. How can we sell from a place of service?
"Timeshare "Sales Techniques
You should know a few of these as well, as understanding the mechanics and psychology behind high-pressure techniques helps to protect you from them if you are ever faced with an unscrupulous vendor.
Traffic and Conversions
The two elements behind all sales. Learn these to grow and scale.

But Don't Take My Word For It...

"Brings Me Right Back to Center"

"... as business owners we are really good at what we are good at and we have a hard time conveying our message to the people that need to hear us. This is the crux of the issue with marketing I feel and what I've received from Anthony is the gift of being able to understand that. He always asks me questions that brings me right back to center so that I am always in the mind of my audience and not just any audience but the audience that I want to hear my message."

"...he's benefited my businesses tremendously"

"...so I met Anthony about four months ago and we were sort of working on a very, very small project and he blew me away. The questions that he asks prompt you know great thought they you know stimulate responses that you know only benefit your business. We expanded from that project on to one that was a little bit bigger and as I gained more and more insight into Anthony’s process he just continues to astound and amaze me."

..."engage your customers and your best clients"

"...I would recommend Anthony at the drop of a hat for videography, but not just videography, he is also a great brain-stormer. He asks questions about your business that again you may not even have thought of, expand the way you see yourself from your client's point of view, in the way that you talk about yourself, ... the activities that you design to engage your customers and your best clients, he's a wealth of information and ideas."

"...what really impressed me was that you took the time to get to know my industry"

"...well you're a stickler for certain details but for good reason because those details worked and some of the things that you know certain language maybe would have been things I never thought of but being a stickler for them paid off in the end because it had the desired effect."

Are you ready to find out how you can put what you've learned to work for you?

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