Quick And Easy Video Editing for the TSP Audience

If you want to share your knowledge and skills, video is the key to getting your message out there in a quick and efficient manner.

Course Description

Objectives for This Course:

I designed this course specifically for TSP audience members. It contains the minimal amount of lecture material necessary to convey the points and objectives, but is mainly focused on the "why" rather than the "button clicking." If you've ever watched a demonstration and then wondered to yourself, "yeah, but why did you do that?" this is the course for you.  By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a working knowledge of how most modern video editing software works
  • Cut through the muck of the video software selection process and choose a video editing platform that won't leave you high and dry a month down the road once you have outgrown it (hint, the two software apps I recommend have "lite" versions that transition seamlessly into the pro versions once the demand for your videos increase)
  • Be able to shoot with multiple cameras simultaneously (wide angle and close up) and then sync them together so you can easily transition between them. You'll learn how to do this with cameras you already have or can get from ebay for under $50 apiece.
  • Know how to transition seamlessly between different video clips from different cameras or sources. You'll also know how to intersperse still photos, video, and audio together in the same presentation
  • I'll also show you the answer to one of the most commonly asked questions I get... "How do I add my logo to overlay the video." I'll show you how to do this... and I'll also tell you why I don't always recommend that you add one.
  • Most importantly, you'll be able to benefit by not having to go at the video creation process (and specifically the video editing process) via trial and error. You can learn from my mistakes. You'll also save time, money and frustration because you won't buy gear that you don't need (heck, buy all you want, but there is nothing worse than buying the wrong stuff, and then it just sits there)
  • We'll also touch upon the subject of scripting and planning your videos. I have an entire video series solely on scripting, so what we'll cover here is just the basics. My philosophy is to keep it simple. I hate relying on memorization, so the technique that I use focusing on helping you to organize your existing knowledge and skills in a way that adult learners latch onto naturally.

OK Anthony, this is great... why are you doing this?

Here is the bottom line. I've taken more from TSP than I could ever give back. Making this course enables me to share my experience with the wider audience of TSP. I do the work once and multiple people can benefit with no further time commitment from me.  (although I'd like to run some TSP-centered online video training sessions from time to time to answer questions people may have as they progress thru the module)

One last thing...  If you are serious about video and get stuck or have general questions related to getting started, please don't struggle in silence. Reach out to me and I'll be happy to walk you through. It will also help me to improve the training.

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[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="233" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Overview of Course" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] In this section I explain my goals for you with the course.

[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="166" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Click for multi-cam demo" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Here is what the end-product of a multi-cam shot looks like. You can do this with inexpensive cameras or high-end cameras as well. The bottom line is to know that you CAN do it...


[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="312" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Knife After Stropping Demo" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] a quick demo of slicing paper after stropping


[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="343" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="My goals for You with This Course" tracking_pixel_id="0"/]

[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="357" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Overview of Video Editing Software Options" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Here we discuss Adobe premiere and Final Cut Pro. I discuss why I chose them and why being able to transition easily to a pro platform is vital to your productivity and your sanity. Note, Adobe has made some great apps available for an ipad that integrate nicely with the pro version as well, fyi.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="372" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Assumptions about the videos most TSP listeners will be making" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] My assumption here is that most of the TSP audience are not interested in creating "cute cat videos," but rather, they are interested in teaching a topic or using video to sell a product or service. I explain why this is an important assumption.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="601" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Demo of handling multiple files in Adobe Premiere Elements" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] One of the most confusing things when working with a video editing software is understanding how to handle multiple file types and how to use the timeline.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="1022" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Theory behind syncing audio of multiple cameras" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Here we go over the basic theory behind syncing multiple cameras that are shooting the same thing at the same time.


[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="1487" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="demo of MANUAL sync of audio and video from multiple cameras in LITE software" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] The best way to learn something is to do it manually, then learn how to automate. I show you how to do it manually so that you can use the free software to do it... later, we'll go over how to automate using the pro version.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="2094" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Importing projects from the lite software into the pro version" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Being able to transition from a free or Lite version of software to a pro version is vital to scaling. Here I give you a demo of that so you get an understanding of what is involved... including what errors you can safely ignore.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="2413" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Manual Sync of multiple cameras in PRO software" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Manual syncing is a bit easier in the pro version of the software, and we give a demo of that here.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="2673" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="How to AUTOMATE the manual syncing process" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Finally, an anti-climactic pushbutton automatic multi-camera sequence sync.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="2833" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="Bonus - how to insert your logo into your videos" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] I'm frequently asked how to insert a logo in videos. I explain that here and I also explain why you might not always want to use one.



[svpChapter video_chapter_id="999999v1" number_of_seconds="3043" button_type="text_link" text_for_link="How to record a demo on your computer screen" tracking_pixel_id="0"/] Bonus segment regarding using screen recording software to record computer-based demonstrations like the one you saw here.